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Bespoke and Luxury Vegan leather embroidered handbags & Accessories

'Ty' is a Welsh language word, meaning house, and 'Hedge' means shrubs which protects the British urban environment by reducing air, noise, and soil pollution and thereby protecting the biodiversity of British isles. 

Ty Hedge creates exquisite and unique luxury vegan leather embroidered handbags & Accessories inspired by the landscape of the British isles and which complements the contemporary elegant style of the British people. It represents and reflects our values and commitment towards nature and sustainability by reducing waste, cutting down our carbon footprint and moving towards a circular economy. 

Its a personalised and bespoke appointment based web platform allowing customers and clients to create their own artisanal, luxury fashion accessories and choose handcrafted, personalised designs to adorn their purchase.

We specialise in ‘Zardozi' embroidery which is an elaborate metal work embellishment, handcrafted by skilled artisans using gold and silver metallic threads. Each unique piece of sustainable and luxury vegan leather handbags & Accessories have this elaborate metal embroidery on it, which undoubtedly makes the product a unique piece of luxury as it's a collaboration of culture, craftsmanship and sustainability in all spheres.

Made in the UK, Ty Hedge Bespoke and personalised service provides a platform to customers and clients to create their own bespoke artisanal fashion Accessories, which is exclusively unique to them, offering a very personalised service to its customers.

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