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Ty' is a Welsh language word, meaning house, and 'Hedge' means shrubs which protects the British urban environment by reducing air, noise, and soil pollution and thereby protecting the biodiversity of British isles. 

Ty HEDGE is a start-up - which specializes in creating bespoke artisanal craft and hand-done Zardozi embroidery - an elaborate metal work embellishment - by employing the craftsmanship of skilled Zardozi artisans from the city of Lucknow, the officially Geographical indication (GI) recognized area - ensuring the authenticity of the craftwork.

We create an exquisite and unique luxury range of homewares and fashion accessories which features the unique hand-done Zardozi embroidery, adding an essence of timelessness to it. It represents and reflects our values and commitment towards nature and sustainability by reducing waste, cutting down our carbon footprint and moving towards a circular economy...

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13th - 18th DECEMBER

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